How Zillow Adjusts Estimates Based on Agent Listings

Hi friends, Kristine McKinley here. Have you ever wondered how accurate Zillow's Zestimate really is? In this video, I’ll show you how Zillow often adjusts its estimates based on what real estate agents like me are doing.

I currently have a beautiful luxury listing active on the market for $1.15M. Just before we listed this home, I checked Zillow's Zestimate, which valued the property at $869,000. You can see that green number in the tiny screenshot above my head. Surprisingly, right after the listing went live, Zillow adjusted their Zestimate to $1.1429M, almost matching my list price.

This isn’t a one-time occurrence; it happens every time I list a home. Zillow’s algorithm appears to follow the lead of professional real estate agents by updating their estimates to align closely with the agent’s list price. This pattern highlights the importance of professional valuations and how influential they are in the real estate market.

For anyone buying or selling a home, it's crucial to understand that Zillow’s Zestimates are not always as independent as they might seem. Trusting a knowledgeable real estate professional can provide more accurate and reliable home valuations.

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