#ChickChat Episode 70- Best Cities to Buy

In 2022, I want you to be rich and smart. So I'm going to give you three of the best places in the U.S that's not Orlando, to invest in. So number one is Boise, Idaho. If you are like me, you had to look up where Idaho was, and honestly, I had to look up where Idaho was. Anyways, I sell houses, I'm not a geography major. Number one reason why you should invest in Boise, Idaho. The population growth has tripled versus the national average, that's an insane amount of people. That's a great thing for real estate. Job growth is two to three times the national average, and it has a very low unemployment rate. So check into Boise, Idaho.

The second city is Dallas, Texas. The population is expected to double over the next 15 years, and this is a very interesting little tidbit. Half of Dallas rents, half of the Dallas population are tenants. That is an amazing number if you're trying to be a landlord in Dallas. You will never have an issue with getting a tenant. And the third fun fact is that the demand for housing has surged over the last couple years, that in the next three years, there's a forecasted increase in housing prices of 10 to 15%. So now is a great time to get into the Dallas market.

And the third city, we love Texas here in real estate. The third city is Houston, Texas. It is the number one market for U.S job creation. Housing is actually affordable. The average price point in Houston is $75,000. You cannot find that anywhere in Orlando. And the median rent is $1550. So I'll let you run the numbers on that ROI. It is incredible. If you are interested in any of those cities or any other cities to invest in real estate, I have amazing agents across the country that I can set you up with to make sure that you are properly represented in your investment purchase.

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