#ChickChat Episode 7- What NOT To Do When Showing Your Home To a Potential Buyer

Don't hide in the closet. Your first showing is a big deal. It's your first impressions for these buyers.

Tip number one, leave your house. It is honestly very awkward if you are at the showing, believe it or not. Even if you think that you're going to be there to answer questions, trust me, that's my job. Make sure that you leave your home. Take your dog for a walk. Go out to dinner, do anything except be inside the home.

Tip number two, drop the AC down a couple notches, turn the lights on and open up the blinds. You can even burn a candle or turn on some jazz music to make the people feel like they're walking through a model home. If anything, it just kind of shows that you really care about their experience whenever they're walking through your home, and it's really nice. So you want the buyers to feel like they're walking through a model home. You really want to create an experience for them. You want them to feel like they can envision themselves living there with all of your stuff in it right now.

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