#ChickChat Episode 6- Not Using a Buyers Agent

Are you really not working with a buyer's agent? You know they're free for you, right? I hope they're goofy enough because I don't want them to be that serious. I don't want them to be super serious. In today's real estate world, agents aren't wearing all the hats anymore. There's a listing agent. And then there's an agent that works just for the buyer. The best way I know how to explain it is that in court, the prosecution and the defense, they don't use the same attorney. Right? You want your own representation. And again, because it's super important, the buyer, you don't pay that commission. The sellers always pay the realtor's commission. So the agent has a fiduciary duty to the seller to represent them and get them the highest amount of price. So do you really want to be using that same agent? Probably not.

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