#ChickChat Episode 67- The First Step When Selling

What is the first step in selling your home? Let me tell you what the first step isn't. The first step is not telling all of your neighbors, everyone at church and all your coworkers that you're selling your home. Because, Joe Schmo from two houses down will come and offer you $100,000 less. So, don't do that.

The first step is to contact a real estate professional, me. And, I will come and help you determine what we can sell your home for and what we can list it for. Right now in this crazy market, those are two different numbers. I will also help you get your home ready for the market. A matter of fact, I had a seller reach out to me last month, and we helped him kind of get his house ready. He had a lot of stuff to move out, and we hired a professional cleaning company, and I'm convinced that got him $15,000 more in profit. So, let a professional come in and tell you what your house can sell for and what you need to do to get the property ready. If you're considering selling, send me a message right here and right now, and I will send you a link to a schedule so that you can book on your time.

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