#ChickChat Episode 64- Interview Your Buyer's Agent

It's very customary for sellers to interview multiple listing agents. But in this type of a market, it's really important for buyers to be interviewing buyer's agents. So if you're not interviewing your buyer's agent, you are really missing out. You need aggressive buyer's agent in this market. If you are in a certain price point in the Orlando area, anywhere really between $200,000 and $500,000, you're probably going to be up against multiple offers. You really want to be interviewing the buyer's agent that you choose.

First of all, you want to make sure that the buyer's agent knows the neighborhood. So if you are looking in South Orlando, do not be using an agent who typically works in North Orlando area.
The second is that you want to make sure that your buyer's agent knows how to work a multiple offer situation. So ask them. Say, "If this house has multiple offers on it and I want it, I need this house. How are you going to approach that?"
And third, make sure that your agent is available in the afternoons. Probably every afternoon until you find your house, because you really have to look at houses the day that they come on the market. So don't just go with the first referral that your friend used. Make sure that you're interviewing two to three buyer's agents and make sure that you really click with that person, because you're trusting them a lot in this market.

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