#ChickChat Episode 63- Seller's Market

Here are three signs that you are in a seller's market. And if you are watching this video in early 2021, you already know that you are in a seller's market.

The first sign is that your agent found a house online that they knew you would like, so they're blowing up your phone while you're at work that you need to leave on your lunch break, and you need to go look at this house ASAP because time is of the essence, and you want to get into that house sooner than anybody else. The second one is that when you do get to the showing, there's already a line out the door of buyers that are looking to see, so just wait your turn, act cool, put your poker face on, and wait your turn to go into the house for the showing. The third sign that you're in a seller's market is that the house has only been on the market for 24 hours, and the sellers are already asking for your highest and best offer by the end of the day. So make sure that you have an aggressive buyer's agent and good luck.

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