#ChickChat Episode 62- Get the BEST and HIGHEST Offer

You are watching this video in 2021, you've probably been up against a multiple offer situation. And sometimes, the way that the sellers are going to handle it is they're going to say, "Send me your highest and best by the end of the day." And as a buyer, that is the most frustrating thing to hear because you're lost. You're like, "Well, what are the other offers?" Right? So unfortunately in Florida, we don't know all of the other offers. So you pretty much just have to take your honest, highest and best offer, and submit it to the seller, cross your fingers, and hope that that works perfectly. So I would recommend to honestly come in your highest and best. Even if you come up $5,000, that's going to make a big deal to the seller because that's their profit that they're going to make. But over the life of your 30 year loan, $5,000 is not going to be a big deal on your monthly payment. So honestly, if you love the house, do your best, and truly come up to your highest and best.

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