#ChickChat Episode 60- Three Ways to Win A Bidding War

If you've paid attention to the real estate market in 2020, you know that we are still in a very, very strong seller's market because we are in such low inventory, and there are so many buyers because the interest rate is super, super good. So, here are three ways to win in a bidding war this fall.

Only 52% of buyers have a pre-approval before they see their first house. That means that if you guys all like the house, you have that much more of an advantage by being prepared with your pre-approval letter, to getting the house. Number two, present your best offer first. You might not always get the opportunity to negotiate. A lot of sellers, what's happening is they'll put their home on the market on Thursday. And then they'll say that they're collecting offers through the weekend. And then they will evaluate in analyze the offers on Sunday. So on Sunday, they're expecting your highest and best offer. They might not give you the opportunity to come back stronger, so make sure that you're putting your best foot forward in the beginning.

There's really no time to waste. In many neighborhoods in central Florida, their average days on the market is less than a week. That doesn't give you a lot of time to think about it and ponder, so make sure you are acting fast. They don't call me the "Multiple Offer Queen" for nothing, so give me a call today.

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