#ChickChat Episode 56- What Will BUYERS Be Looking For in 2021

All right, sellers. Pay attention. In 2021, there's a couple new things that buyers will be looking for. In 2020, as we all unfortunately know, we used to leave the house for vacation. We used to go to the gym. We used to go to the office. And now, we're doing all of that within our home. Buyers want an outdoor space that they love and that they can use. Buyers want a home gym. Buyers want a home office. And buyers want a separate new space that is separate from your home office, where potentially their kids can do their virtual school.

They're going to depend on all of these things to really buy the home in 2021. If you are considering selling within the next year, I would advise that you hire a stager to stage your home to fit these needs, if you don't feel like you currently have them in your home right now. If your family's needs have changed, and you need more space, or you need a home office, give me a call, and let's find that together.

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