#ChickChat Episode 54- Elections Impact in Real Estate

So everyone's asking me since it's 2020, it's an election year, how will the 2020 election affect real estate? And I never try to get too political and I'm not going to on this episode. 2020 is crazy enough as it is, but it might have an impact on the real estate market.

In a typical non-election year, the sales do decrease from October to November just by about 10%. And during an election year, it typically goes down to 15%, but those sales aren't just lost forever. They come back in the coming months. So don't worry.
Some people ask me, "Christine, does it matter who wins? What will that do to the real estate market?" And I'll tell you that it really doesn't matter in the long run. What it's going to do is in blue county areas, if a democratic president gets elected, it will increase the consumer confidence in those areas, and the same goes for the red areas. In a Republican area, those consumers, if a Republican is elected, they're going to have more confidence. So it's going to boost their economy in those little sectors. So again, it all balances out. So don't worry. The real estate market is thriving right now. And if you are in the real estate market within the next couple years, you will win.

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