#ChickChat Episode 51- Avoid These 3 Things That Go Wrong When You BUY A HOUSE

In episode six, we're going to talk about the three things that can go wrong whenever you're looking for a house.

Number one is thinking that there is a perfect home. The way that I like to think about it is that you have a trifecta, okay? This is your home. You can either have price, location, or upgrades. And if you have to pick two, which one would you pick? Now, we are in a super seller's market right now, and we're probably going to be there for a little bit. So make sure that you are focusing on the absolute necessities in a home that you're looking for.

Number two, not making an offer on the first house that you saw, even though you loved it, only because it was the first house that you saw. If that house goes and you compare every single other house that you see to that first house that you fell in love with, it will haunt you.

And number three, getting bid out of a bidding war. I know it hurts, but just always think whenever you're writing the offer, if someone bid a thousand dollars more than I did, would I be sad? And if the answer is yes, then go up a thousand dollars until the answer is no.

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