#ChickChat Episode 47- Before You Make An Offer

In this episode, we're going to talk about five things you need to know before you make the offer. A lot of buyers make this mistake, and then they end up asking these questions once their contract is accepted.

Number one, you want to know the ages of the four biggest items, which is the plumbing, the roof, the AC, and the electrical. Number two, you want to know the average utility bill, especially if you are going from renting to owning, or from owning a smaller home to a bigger home. You definitely want to have a copy of the seller's disclosure. This is something that the seller should provide to you before you even make an offer on the home. Number four, what appliances come with the home. You don't want to walk in on closing day and you don't have a fridge. And number five, is this a popular home with other buyers? Are there lots of showings? Do they have any other offers? That will really help you determine how strong you need to come in, because right now we're still in a seller's market, so you have to think about what is the other interest on this home. Those are really the five main things you need to be asking your agent and the seller before you write an offer. 

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