#ChickChat Episode 42- OPENDOOR: What do we know?

This episode is all about open door, which I know consumers have a lot of questions about. Open door is really good for one thing, and that is convenience only. If you're looking to net the most amount, open door is not your avenue.

Here's what we know about open door. Open door gives you the opportunity to close whenever you want, within 60 days. But so does a lot of contracts. A lot of contracts are closing within 45 days, so that's not that far off. Now, open door usually takes 7% to 10% listing fee, which is higher than the typical commission, and they'll get you on inspections also. So, I'm not really seeing too much of a benefit here. Are you?

I also want to add that getting your ideal closing date really isn't that hard. A lot of buyers are flexible, and if you have a day that you really want to be moved out of the property, we can usually get that for you. I would honestly say the best part about open door is that you won't have any buyer showings, which is really nice, you don't have to keep your home spic-and-span all the time, but is that really worth thousands and thousands of dollars that you want to probably keep in your pocket? I don't know.

There's tons of tech companies that are getting into the real estate space, but I would always say consult with an agent, because the numbers don't lie, we're still netting you more.

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