#ChickChat Episode 41- So What SHOULD Your Realtor Be Doing?

Here are four things your realtor should be doing. Number one, your realtor should be networking with other realtors. I call myself the multiple offer queen and that's because honestly, I network a lot with other agents, and that is sometimes how I get my offers accepted. The other agent knows that I'm going to take care of my clients and it's going to be a smooth transaction if they pick my offer. Number two, your agent should be plugged into the community. They should be actively getting to know the restaurants, what's coming in, what's leaving, and just really be in the know, especially schools. There's a lot to know within the community. 

Number three, this kind of plays on the last one, but your agent should be a member of the local chamber. The chamber's always coming in and talking to us about what's happening in Oviedo and Winter Springs, and that helps so much, especially with traffic and just what's going on in the area, to help our clients know whenever they're purchasing in Oviedo and Winter Springs. And number four, to really tie everything together, your agent should be an expert in the area that you are looking. Orlando is such a big city, and someone really needs to know all the little suburbs that you are looking in order to guide you in the right place.

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