#ChickChat Episode 40- Final Walkthrough Checklist

Four things to look for at the final walkthrough.

So usually you're going to do your final walkthrough the day before closing. And the reason for that is that just in case anything needs to change or the sellers need to do anything, they have that 24 hour period to fix or bring back appliances or whatever. So always do the final walkthrough the day before closing.

First of all, this might sound kind of silly, but make sure that the sellers have completely moved out. Make sure that they have everything and they did not leave anything behind.

It is really hard after you've closed to have the sellers come back for their things because they already have your money.

Second, make sure all items that the sellers have promised is going to stay behind does. So think washer, dryer, drapes, and any furniture that you've purchased outside of closing.

Number three, make sure all the appliances are working. Just go ahead, turn on the washer, turn on the oven, turn it off after you turn it back on, turn on the microwave and just make sure that everything's working so that when you move in, you're not automatically dealing with an issue.

And number four, check the landscaping. Sometimes sellers forget that they have to keep up with the lawn during the time of the transaction. So just make sure that you're not looking to re-sod your lawn the second that you move in.

And remember that this is not a re-inspection. Do not bring your inspector to the final walkthrough. This is really just to make sure that everything looks the way it did on the day that you wrote the offer.

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