#ChickChat Episode 4- Understanding Home Inspection

Remember, you aren't buying new construction. You're buying a home that has been lived in, that people have raised kids in. Dogs, fish. 

Understanding the home inspection.

So we call this one of our five freak outs. It's when you freak out during your home inspection. It is the inspector's job to find everything possible that he can, or she can, wrong with the home though. So for example, this is a home inspection on new construction. This is a huge packet of paper. They are literally there to find everything that's wrong with the home. You are not always buying new construction. You are moving into a home that has been lived in, that people have raised kids in, there's been dogs in. You're probably not buying a brand new home. So as far as your home inspection, you definitely want to check off the major items, your AC, your roof, your plumbing, and your electric. Everything else, it's cosmetic and it can be fixed. So consult with your agent. There's negotiating terms here. And you can always ask the seller to buy a home warranty.

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