#ChickChat Episode 37- From Contract Acceptance to Closing

From the time that the buyers offer is accepted until closing, sometimes it's 30-45 days. So you have to keep your home in the same condition as when the buyer saw it, the day that they wrote the offer.

So some sellers want to know what happens if your house gets damaged during that 30 to 45 day period? So if a hurricane comes or something that is considered an act of God per the contract, what happens is that the closing can automatically be extended one week out from the original closing date, up to 30 days. So we have to reevaluate the contract at that point, and everyone just has to stay calm and figure things out from there. Now, if it's not an act of God, and maybe one of the sellers kid punched a hole on the wall or something, it is up to the sellers to fix. That the house must be in the same condition as when the buyers wrote the offer on the property. And that includes lawn maintenance. So sellers, when you get the house under contract, keep watering your lawn, please, or else you will have toad the day before closing.

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