#ChickChat Episode 34- It's ALWAYS the RIGHT time to BUY or SELL!

We've got pros and cons of selling it every single season. And yes, we have seasons even though it doesn't feel like it.

Spring is arguably the best time to sell. A lot of times when you put your home on the market, by the time it closes it is summer and people are ready to move, ready to get into that new school to district. So spring is a good time to get the conversation started with your agent about selling.

Summer is for the people who need their kids to be out of school for whatever reason to start looking at homes, it is a really, really, really hot market in the summer. A lot of people have time. Sometimes there's multiple offers, but either way it's a good time if you're a buyer because the inventory's high. It's a good time. If you're a seller because there's also a lot of buyers looking at your home.

Fall is usually a tad bit slower just because there's so much hustle and bust during the summer. But, the good news is that people that need to buy or sell during the fall are usually pretty serious about needing to buy or sell during the fall, they usually have a reason. So the transactions go smooth.

Winter, well, we don't really have a winter. But, it's really nice whenever I'm taking buyers through the home and the house is decorated in Christmas or holiday decor and it just kind of lets the buyers feel out the home for themselves and how they would decorate during the holidays, it's almost like a staged home.

So there's pros and cons of every single season in if you're ready to sell now might be the time.

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