#ChickChat Episode 33- Should You Get a Home Insurance?

Here is more than three ways to save.

First of all, talk to your insurance agent about bundling your home and auto insurance. I know I sound like a Geico commercial right now, but it actually can save you some money. You don't have to go to Geico. Make your home disaster-resistant. And this is actually one that not a lot of people know, make sure you maintain a good credit score, because they actually care about that with your home insurance premiums. You can raise your deductible, and if you've made multiple claims in the past, your agent will know that, and your premium will actually be higher.

And lastly, something that not a lot of people know, when you're doing home renovations, talk to your insurance agent about if that will actually help your premium or hurt your premium because there are some that will make your premiums higher.

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