#ChickChat Episode 32- 4 More Reasons to OWN

Everybody is obsessed with HGTV. What the best upgrades are, the farmhouse sinks and everything, but you cannot really customize your home if you're renting, so it's a great bonus. You really can make the house your own. And it's an amazing, accomplished feeling whenever you own a home.

Two. Did you know that in the state of Florida, if you are on a month-to-month lease, the landlord can kick you out in 15 days? That is legally all the notice that they need to give you. Have you ever had move out of your house in two weeks? It takes me two weeks to pack my closet. 

When you own a home, you can house hack, which is basically renting out a room, or if you have an apartment above your garage that you can rent out, it's a really good way to bring your mortgage down and you can't do that if you don't own the home. Owning a home is really just another way that you can build a savings account. If think about it, your money is either going to stay into your savings account, or it's going to sit into the equity of your home that later you can exchange for a new home or something else.

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