#ChickChat Episode 31- Check this out BEFORE you close!

Okay. So whenever you put on a new roof, whenever you redo your AC, anything of those big ticket items, plumbing, electrical, you're going to have to get a permit. And whenever you're buying a home, you do want to make sure that the permits are closed out, which basically means that whoever did the installation, the city has come out and they've approved it. And they've said, "Okay. It's a good upgrade to your home. Everything's up to code. Everything's good." What happens is that sometimes those permits just don't get closed out. And within the contract that we're using right now in Florida, there's really no telling whose responsibility it is to close it out whenever you're buying that house.

So we have fixed to that. We have a clause in our contract that says that the seller must close out all open or expired permits before closing. And that's just a little free tip I'm going to give you because not all agents know that. We luckily work with a really, really, really good lawyer that helps us put that into our contracts to protect the buyers. So to make sure that you don't run into these issues after closing and find out that you bought a home with a bunch of open and expired permits, make sure that your agent is taking care of you, and make sure that they have ordered the permit search because you also have to ask the title company to do that. Again, not standard. Make sure that you're working with an agent who has the experience to know things like this to protect you.

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