#ChickChat Episode 30 - Home Inspections: Pass or Fail?

So a big part about the transaction is the inspection. It's kind of like an anxiety filled day. Is the home going to pass? Is it going to fail?
But I don't like to think about it as a pass or a fail. I like to think about it as the inspector is kind of giving you the rundown on your home. What are the quirks about it? Every single home's going to have quirks, even these beautiful new construction homes that I'm in right now. Do not get intimidated by the inspection. I think it was season one that I held up a whole inspection report and it's a paper about this big.

And the inspector's job is to just find everything that is "wrong" with the house. So it's going to be kind of an intimidating document, but just read through it and again, go over it with your agent to make sure that all the big ticket items are taken care of, or are things that you are willing to do after closing. Chances are at some point, someone raised a family here. Someone maybe had multiple kids, their in-law stayed with them, people threw parties at this house. People went off to college in this house. So it's probably a lived in house and there's going to be quirks to every single home. So you just kind of have to decide what you can deal with and what you can fix after closing.

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