#ChickChat Episode 29 - Can You Move in EARLY?

Let's talk about pre-occupancy agreements. And that's pretty much just a fancy way of saying that you want to move in before you've actually bought the home.
You heard that, right? That's not going to happen. You have not closed on the house yet, the seller not have your money. They should not let you move into the home because honestly it's real estate and anything can happen. It's pretty much a big taboo, big no, especially to the closing companies that are lawyers. It's just not a good idea.

That's really all I have to say. Just don't do it. So even as a seller, you just really should stay away from letting the buyer move in. There's a couple reasons for that. First of all, if for whatever reason they don't close, it's going to be hard getting them out of your house. Especially for liability reasons, what if, I don't know, they leave their hair straightener on and it catches the whole house on fire, it's still going to fall under you. So their insurance is not taken over yet and that's huge liability that you are taking on as the seller. You still own the home and they do not. So they should just make arrangements, let's have everyone move in and arrange keys to be transferred on closing day once you have the buyer's money.

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