#ChickChat Episode 27- Top Dollar Homes

Even though we are still in a little bit of a seller's market, it can still be worth it to stage your home.

Not only can we get top dollar, but we might be able to get top, top dollar. So a couple times when it's a really good idea to stage your home is, at first, when you have a really open floor plan, sometimes people have a hard time imagining where the living room would be, where their dining room would be. So that's a really good time. Also, when you have an awkward room or what they call a flex space in the new-build homes, or maybe even if it was just an addition, maybe you turned the garage into another room. What did you use that room for, primarily? Smaller homes are really, really good to stage because staging helps the homes look bigger. And lastly, your home still needs to be priced right. Just because you staged your home, it looks great, I know you still cannot overprice your home on the market. The buyers will know it.

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