#ChickChat Episode 23- Multiple Offer Queen

In this episode, we're going to talk about a couple tips to winning in multiple offer situations, because I think here in Orlando, we are going to see them in these hot market pockets for the next couple years.

The number one thing in a multiple offer situation is patience. Sometimes it's going to take 24, 48, 72 hours in order for the seller to look at all the offers, weigh all their options. Remember, they have to meet with probably a spouse or a partner, their agent, and just go over the offers in detail. So have patients whenever you're in multiple offer situations, they might not reach out to you right away.

Pick a price that you would be okay spending. Think about what you would be really happy with whenever I call you to say that you won the offer, you won the bid and you don't think that you overpaid for the house insanely.

The third tip is to respond quickly whenever the seller counters you back, it shows that you are eager, it shows that you really want the home. And if you take too long to respond, they'll think that you're playing games or that you don't want the house that bad.

And lastly, talk with your agent about what else you can do besides just price. There's a lot of terms within the contract and the agent should really be guiding you on other terms that can help make your offer really competitive, that's not just the price. So if you want to win the multiple offer situation, give me a call.

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