#ChickChat Episode 18- Inspector Looks at WHAT?

So once you get your home under contract and you're ready for the home inspection, here's a few tips for you. 

So make sure that your light bulbs are replaced and working. If an inspector sees that a light bulb's not working, he doesn't know if it's the electric or the light bulb. Make sure you clean and declutter. You want to clean your oven and your appliances and replace your air conditioning filter. Make sure your garage door works. That's an easy fix. Make sure the inspector can get to your electric box and your attic. Have your agents there. They can help field all the questions. You don't have to be there, or you can be there if you want to. You can always have an inspector do a pre-inspection too, if you have any questions. So good luck on that sale. And once you get through that inspection, the appraisal's next and then you'll go be cleared to close.

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