#ChickChat Episode 16- Talking About Uncertainties

There's a lot of uncertainty in the market, especially leading into 2019. Some people just don't know what's going to happen next. Some people are thinking we are going to enter a crash. Some people were thinking that prices were going to continue to go up. So, what's really happening? Hold on, I need a tissue. My allergies. We are definitely going to see more inventory. It's February, and we're already seeing it creep up already, which is great for our buyers. We're going to see home prices start to level off. So, instead of the year after year increase of 7% to 8%, we're going to start to see 2% to 3% increases. I didn't say that good. And possibly, a small increase in interest rates. But again, it's not going to be anything crazy, like the historical 18% values that we're seeing. Maybe around 5%. But still, that's really good, and it's a really great time to get into the market now. Cool!

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