#ChickChat Episode 15- Fake News Update

So I know sometimes clients get really excited when they see these, because it might be the perfect house, but it's fake news. A lot of people reach out to me about Zillow pre-foreclosures. They see them on Zillow all the time and they want to see them. It looks like a house that they'd like to buy. Well, I cannot show it to you, and that's because it is not for sale. All that Zillow pre-foreclosure means is that maybe the seller is late on one of their payments or a couple payments, and if they continue... all it means is that there's late payments on their mortgage, and if they continue, the lender of closer towards foreclosure, but if they get caught up, their home is theirs. It's not in foreclosure yet, and... I hate saying uh, but the home is not in foreclosure yet and it's not on the market.

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