#ChickChat Episode 14- Common Mistakes in Home Buying

To my first time home buyers, here are five (or four) mistakes I see all the time.

First, not using a local lender. This can make a huge difference. A lot of the times, the listing agents know the lender. They already have that relationship. You have a really good opportunity to get your offer accepted solely based on what lender you use.

Second, thinking that the home inspection will be clean. No home is perfect.

Third, low-balling the seller. They're going to get pissed. Think about the negotiations as more of a compromise rather than coming in really low and hoping that they respond to your offer because they don't have to respond to your low-ball offer at all.

And fourth, being too picky. No home is perfect. And it's better to start building equity and get into a home now than keep renting and waiting for that perfect home because it's not out there.

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